Fast food | Itsu


On Saturday I was in the office to do overtime, and since we were told that we could spend up to 5 pounds for lunch and get it back, following a bunch of colleagues we went to buy something at Itsu.

For those of you who have never been there, it is a chain of Asian-style fast food restaurants. They serve noodles, sushi, salads and soups.

What I got was a Salmon Teriyaki on a bed of rice (£3.99) and a pouch of instant Miso Soup (£0.79). I have to admit I was attracted by the Salmon Box, but I had to renounce since it was a bit over the allowed budget (£7.99)… but I’m going to give it a try sooner or later, it looks delicious!

Anyway, my dish was really good and filling. Nice chunks of steamed salmon, edamame beans, sticky rice and a gooey Teriyaki sauce were a good choice for a smart (and quite healthy) lunch option.

I’m definitely looking forward to try other things, especially the noodles soup pots which looked really inviting.

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