Challenging food | Poached eggs

Poached egg on toast

So, you may think that I am quite silly to write a post about poached eggs. Generally, eggs are the easiest thing to cook… I mean, everyone is able to fry or hard boil an egg.

True that. But, those ways of cooking require that the egg is well cooked, and that means that everything will work fine unless the egg is burnt or hard as a rock. But what happens when there should be a very precise cooking time?

This applies for example to eggs à la coque and, indeed, to poached eggs.

I admit I have a strong weakness for Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and Eggs Royale, and I always had the will to recreate these lovely dishes at home (instead of spending money every weekend for a brunch). Have said that, looking at several food blogs and talking to people, the only information I got is “you have to have skills to make poached eggs“. No wonders I never tried them!

Last week though, I was having a look on YouTube in search of videos about healthy breakfast options to avoid carbohydrates (I was in one of those moments when, feeling bloated, I decided to give up the pleasures of long chain glucose polymers, to go a bit science geek) and I found this video by the TheLeanMachines in which the lovely John shows a quick way for the perfect poached egg. Is it THAT easy? I said to myself… So last Sunday I decided to give this method a try.

Well, it was an absolute success! I cooked four eggs for me and my flatmates and we had them on toast – I wasn’t ready to prepare Eggs Benedict – but I’ll surely be up for a more elaborate serving soon!

So thanks a lot for your suggestion John! Your method deserves to be shown in this post, so here you are guys!

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