Shopping on a budget | The experiment

Rivals 'reduce Tesco market share'

Ok, I’ve been thinking about working on this little “supermarket project” since a while now, but really didn’t have the time to work on it properly. Quite a few things happened recently, one above all I have new flatmates, and the past few weeks have been a bit messy, with all their stuff to be sorted and my former flatmate moving out in the meantime. On top of this, I’ve also done some overtime the past Saturdays, and with just one day off the last thing on my mind (bad boy!) was to sit down and compile a proper grocery shopping list before heading to the supermarket, with the inevitable finale of eating random stuff just because I need something to get me going.

Hopefully, this long weekend (on Monday it’s bank holiday here in the UK) will allow me to get back on track with a few things I left behind. One for all, weekly grocery shopping. Weekly because not being particularly rich, I have to pay attention to every – or better, almost every – expense around the month, and I think that, instead of stopping by the store every day to get food (waste of money and waste of time as well), it’s better to plan in advance what I will eat and go shopping once a week, also staying on a budget.

Here in London there is quite a wide variety of stores, ranging from the more expensive as fancy ones like Waitrose or Sainsbury’s to the cheaper ones like Lidl, Asda and Aldi, passing through the ones I think have a good quality/price ratio such as Morrisons and Tesco.

I normally do grocery shopping in Lidl (although I used to go to Morrisons quite a lot), but recently I questioned myself if and how was possible to buy on a budget also in other stores. Hence, that’s the experiment I’d like to do. Setting a fixed budget and see if I can shop for the week respecting it (or even staying below).

I just mentioned some, there are a few not included in the list, which I would like to try as well.

Stay tuned for the first review!

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