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This week I did not prepare lunch for the two times I was working at the office. No no no, it’s not because my laziness took over me, once I didn’t sleep at home the night before so it was a necessity, and the second time was the Friday just after payday, and traditionally I don’t cook anything but buy food instead.

What a better occasion to write a review on Pod, one of the few takeaway places around my office. They claim to provide perfectly balanced breakfasts and meals, as you can see from their menu (which I got also to get inspiration for do-them-myself healthy lunchboxes) so I was curious to give them a go.

Photo 30-05-2014 13 47 16

The first time I got a Raw Rainbow & Rice Salad (£4.99), comprising shredded vegetable mix, carrots, bean sprouts, mixed rice, peas, spinach, edamame beans, chilli munchy beans, pumpkin seeds and wasabi seed mix with a fresh coriander and herb dressing. To be honest with you guys, this trial didn’t give the expected results. Probably because I don’t like coriander that much, but the whole texture of the salad wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Photo 28-05-2014 13 13 24

Luckily I also got a little pot of yogurt with forest fruits and agave syrup (£1.99) as a little dessert/treat. That was lovely!

Photo 28-05-2014 13 14 56

Despite I wasn’t really happy about my lunch, yesterday I decided to give Pod a second chance. You can’t judge a book by its cover and neither should you do that with food.

This time I got the Salmon Detox Box (£5.99), comprising a Scottish smoked salmon-filled avocado half rolled in seeds, baby spinach, pickled kelp, beansprouts salad with seeds and apricot kernels, a nori wrap with smoked salmon, red cabbage and baby spinach and chilli, soy and sesame dressing. I also got a little pot of edamame beans (£1.30) which I thought might be an appetiser, but they soon got mixed to the salad.

Photo 30-05-2014 13 10 32

Now that’s what I call delicious! The flavours matched perfectly, the smoothness of the avocado and the salmon, the crunchiness of the seeds, the sprouts and the kelp, and that lovely, tasty dressing. Yummy!

So definitely Pod got up again the rankings of the takeaway places I visited. I definitely want to go back and try new things! Well done guys!

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