Foodie item wishlist

I’m a bit late for the usual weekend post, and since I haven’t cooked anything special recently, I thought that making a wishlist of what I’d like to buy would be an interesting topic to discuss. Especially because – drum rolling – it’s going to be my birthday in less than 10 days!

1. Mortar & pestle

It shouldn’t really be included since I already bought it… but it has been the top of the list for quite a while, since I first saw the Åldesten mortar in Ikea a month ago when I went with my flatmates to get some bits and bobs for the house. I totally fell in love with it, but since payday wasn’t near, I decided to wait until I got my paycheck to buy it.


Lucky as I am, as soon as I got ma’ money I went straight to Ikea, and you can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was out of stock. But I didn’t give up hope, and I started looking for something similar in other stores. The chosen one was found in TK Maxx, at a very reasonable price. £5.99 for a Home Made Traditional Mortar & Pestle was absolutely worth the price. Can’t wait to use it!!

Home Made Mortar & Pestle

2. Picnic basket

Summer is officially here even in the UK, and the thought of nice afternoons in the park are enchantingly appealing. But instead of bringing just a throw and some sandwiches bought at the local shop, why not organise an old-style picnic with freshly made food, a refreshing drink, fruits and desserts? Just the idea makes me happy!

Of course, all this stuff can be carried in a supermarket shopping bag. Not necessarily the plastic ones, also the posher fabric ones will do their job. But wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a beautiful picnic basket made of woven cane willow which includes plates, cutlery and even glasses?

Picnic basket

Obviously this very precise description comes from the fact that I’ve actually seen a basket that I really like. Guess where? In TK Maxx of course!!! There are two versions, one for two persons at £24.99, and the bigger one for four at £29.99. I’m still thinking about it, but I guess I should hurry before summer’s over!

3. Lunch box


This may sound a bit random, but considering the fact that I’m trying to avoid all the snacks and nibbles we get in work for free, I thought I should have an item like this to organise my meals and snacks throughout the day. Maybe something that keeps food fresh as well. I’m still looking at all the options available, because up to now I haven’t found anything that really meets my taste.

4. Vacuum food sealer

Ok, I’m taking things a bit further now, but I think this is a very useful tool in the kitcken, especially because it happens quite often that I buy big portions of meat and vegetables which inevitably end up in the freezer because I can’t eat all of them within a short time. Most of the times, I tend to wrap meat in greaseproof baking paper and tin foil, thinking this might help the food last for longer. How wrong it is. As a matter of fact, the meat always ends up with freeze burns that change the texture, making it more difficult to cook.


Vacuum wrapping instead helps prevent this, also allows to portion the food preventing it to be wasted and helps save space in the freezer (the wonders of vacuum in compressing stuff are amazing!). And, as I’ve learned watching MasterChef, vacuum sealed meat can be cooked “sous vide”, and I honestly can’t wait to give this technique a try! So yes, that’s definitely a kitchen appliance I’d like to buy.

I guess it’s enough for this first wishlist draft, but as I said, it’s nearly my birthday, so if someone doesn’t have any gift ideas, here you are some clues!


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