Birthday treat. Lunch @ OXO Tower Harvey Nichols Brasserie

So, as some of you may know, on Tuesday I turned 35. Gawd! Oh well, nothing really changed from 34, apart from the fact that I’m a bit older (but not wiser, haha!). Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, Tom booked a table on the terrace of the Harvey Nichols Brasserie on the top floor of the OXO Tower. Amazing! The view was stunning, and luckily it was a sunny and warm day here in London!

Happy Birthday

The lunch started off with a nice flute of champagne. Love the bubbles, I haven’t had one in ages, and it made me feel a bit like Edina and Patsy in an episode of Ab Fab!

As a starter, I chose Grilled Tiger Prawns with scorched baby gem lettuce, smoked chilli aioli and piquillo pepper salsa. Absolutely de-li-ci-ous! The orawns were grilled to perfection, the aioli sauce was smokey and spicy and surprise surprise, the piquillo pepper salsa woke my tastebuds up! Sweet and tangy, those little bits of red pepper really caught my attention. I’ll probably going to try make it my own salsa very soon!

Grilled Tiger Prawns

Tom chose Za’atar Spiced Quail with muhammara, merguez and Israeli cous cous. I just tried a piece of meat, juicy and tender, but he ensured me everything was accurately blended in a symphony of flavour and texture.

Za'atar Spiced Quail

Since I was in the mood for fish, I ordered the Black Peppered Tuna with goat’s curd, English asparagus, black olive tapenade and sauce vierge. All I can say is that it was divine. The tuna was perfectly cooked “medium-rare”, with a soft texture that absolutely enchanted me. The olive tapenade was smooth and savoury, a perfect complement to the mild flavour of the tuna.

Black Peppered Tuna

Also Tom was fascinated by the fish courses, and ordered the Seared Scallops with grilled spring courgette, peas and saffron cream. Again, I just tasted the scallops, but their softness was marvellous.

Seared Scallops

You can’t have a proper meal out without dessert. Us both being addicted to cheese, we obviously ordered a cheese board. A delightful selection of aged cheddar, blue cheese and goat’s cheese with wholegrain bread, water crackers and pickle. Simply yummy!

Cheese Board

So guys, if you want to treat yourself on a special occasion, the Harvey Nichols Brasserie is definitely the place to go!



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