Preserved lemons

I got obsessed with them!!! As soon as I saw Jamie Oliver using them in the lamb tagine he cooked in an episode of 15 minutes meals, my only task was to find and buy them.

Belazu preserved lemons

Eventually, I got my hands on a jar of Belazu Beldi Preserved Lemons in a big Sainsbury’s in Whitechapel, and I couldn’t wait to try them and feel their taste. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tagine pot – YET – and not being an expert of Moroccan cuisine, I tried to add them to other recipes.

First, I chopped one in a salad to add a little extra kick to a quite blunt lettuce, tomato and cucumber mix. And it proved to be delicious!

Then, I haven’t said that in the post – silly me – I stirred one of this zesty gems in the rice salad I prepared. It was very subtle, but that citrussy punch it gave to the whole thing was great!

I’m thinking about a Greek yogurt dressing to accompany beef burgers, and I’m definitely up for an addition of preserved lemon!

Stay tuned!


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