Ingredient of the month | Wholegrain wraps

Wholegrain Wraps

Sorry guys, I’m soooooo bad! I haven’t been posting at all recently, but as I said in the post about the Quinoa & Lentil Soup, I decided to start a regime of clean eating. Which doesn’t mean I’m not cooking anymore, but I tend to do simple things, using less processed food or ingredients, and quite often what I do is not really worth to be mentioned on the blog.

So I started drinking loads of green tea, I replaced chocolates, biscuits and crisps with fresh fruit – luckily in work we get them every day, and it helps me to get some also for when I’m working from home – and I avoid refined carbs as much as I can. I don’t eat wheat pasta anymore, unless it’s wholegrain or gluten-free so corn, rice etc. and obviously I gave room to other forms of carbohydrate, eaten only at lunch and never in the evening, such as rice, spelt and barley.

Another interesting thing I found while surfing the web for healthy lunch ideas, is wraps. I can’t remember where I read it, but basically they were saying that those lovely flour rounds allow you to pack flavours in a much lower amount of carbohydrates than pasta, puff pastry or other starches. And actually it’s true. I literally fill them with veggies, lean cold cuts, smoked salmon, crayfish, tuna and hummus, low fat cream cheese or a dollop of fat free yogurt and the lunch is sorted!

I absolutely love them, I tend to prepare them at least once or twice a week, especially because they’re easy and quick to make, absolutely hassle free and delicious! I can’t do anything else then suggest you to give them a try! The ones I found in Lidl contain 30% wholegrain, not the ideal but it’s still a good alternative to white bread, and they’re quite cheap, which is good as well! 🙂





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