June highlights

I’m soooo sorry guys I’ve been absent for the last month, but June has been a really busy month. I went back home twice, I had friends coming over to London from Italy, there was my birthday (although technically it was July 1st, I think it still can count as June)… So I’ve been quite a lot away from the kitchen.

If you follow me since a while, you’ve probably noticed that apart from some rare occasions, I always cook the recipes I post. As much as I like stuff I see and try around, I prefer to share something I can completely describe you so you can make it yourself at home. And I promise, new dishes are coming up really soon!

As I said, I was away from the kitchen since I didn’t have much time to cook. But, I still had time to eat! Just to give you an idea, here are some lovely things I tried in the past few weeks.

First, my sister’s wedding. She got married on June 13th, it was a lovely and warm day back in Bolzano. The perfect day to start the lunch with some delicious appetisers like smoked salmon with shaved fennel, Russian salad, freshly baked bread with speck, and of course, a refreshing glass of Hugo! It’s a local drink similar to Aperol spritz, but with elderflower syrup instead of Aperol. Absolutely addictive.

The meal was gorgeous. Well cooked food, delicious wine, but the real showstoppers were the first two main courses. A gorgeous risotto with four cheeses topped with fried artichoke hearts, and a scrumptious lasagna with porcini mushrooms. Definitely worth giving a try!

Four cheeses risotto
Four cheeses risotto with fried artichoke hearts
Porcini mushroom lasagna
Porcini mushroom lasagna

The next weekend, my friend G. and F. came to London since we got the tickets to see Take That live at the O2 Arena on Friday. What an amazing show!!! It was good to see them again, even though just in three. Saturday was our friend M.’s birthday and we booked a table for brunch at the Blueprint Café at the London Design Museum. Amazing view of the river, just shame it was a rainy day though.

What I ate can only be described as divine. The only downside, the portion was too little for my stomach! I chose Treacle cured beef with violet artichoke and anchovy mayonnaise. Yuuuuuuum!!!! Love the idea of the anchovy mayo with beef, I’d definitely try to make my own version!

Treacle cured beef
Treacle cured beef with violet artichoke and anchovy mayonnaise

Otherwise, having less time to do grocery shopping, but with really nice weather, I ate loads of salads. If you follow me on Instagram (it’s my personal account, so you’ll find loads of selfies as well!) you might already have seen my food posts, but anyway here you are a taste of my lunches this month!

Smoky crab sticks salad
Smoky crab sticks salad with sunflower seeds and mustard dressing
Mixed salad with noodles
Mixed salad with noodles, anchovies, feta cheese and soy sauce dressing

Stay tuned because Come dine with Teo is back in business!




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