Meal prepping

Meal prepFollowing loads of food blogs, I often encounter posts about meal prepping. Generally they’re about clean eating or body building/gym regimes, and since I’m trying to go back to my not-eating-crap diet, I decided to give it a go.

Yeah, the past month or so hasn’t been particularly focussed on eating healthy stuff. I’ve been eating out a lot, not only in restaurants but also during picnics, so salads, veggies, lean meats and fish have been replaced by pastries, scotch eggs, sandwiches, dips, crisps and sweets. No good at all!

I also got to the “desertification” of the fridge, as I like to call it. Nothing fresh left to eat, just a few things in the pantry, and even less in the freezer. On Sunday then I necessarily had to go to the supermarket, and I thought about trying to prepare some meals for the week ahead.

I admit things got a bit out of hand, and I started at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and finished at 8! I prepped lots of things, but I think I’m sorted for the whole week (and maybe more)! Luckily I had several plastic tubs to store the food and freeze it.

That’s what I’ve done:

  • two tubs of cream of vegetables soup with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and courgettes
  • one tub of rice with Italian style vegetables
  • one tub of Italian style vegetable side
  • one tub of Asian vegetables & noodle stir fry
  • one tub of Asian vegetable side
  • two oven-baked seabass fillets in parcels with garlic & herbs butter
  • one oven-baked beef grillsteak
  • one tub of risotto with crayfish tails and courgettes
  • one tub of steamed purple sprouted broccoli
  • one tub of steamed kale
  • two tubs of overnight oats, one with orange juice infused pineapple chunks and one with dries pomegranate seeds
  • three smoothie bags, all with banana as a base, one with pineapple and kale, one with lychee and kale, and one with forest fruits and kale

I also prepared a jar of kale pesto, ready in the fridge to season pasta (if I fancy cooking) or to prepare a salad dressing. And a batch of red quinoa to be added to salads (or maybe to one of the soups). Oh, and a pot of forest fruits sauce, since I’d like to experiment with desserts later in the week (or probably during the weekend).

All recipes are pretty simple, relying mostly on fresh or frozen veggies with some additions. As I probably said before, I love Green Grocers’ vegetable medleys from Lidl. They’re a staple in my freezer, always ready to be used not only as sides, but also as a component in other recipes (including soups!). Definitely something worth having at all times. And they also improved the recipes, so now they are even tastier!

I also have fresh things to eat, so my meals won’t be frozen the whole week through. Salad,buffalo mozzarella, feta cheese, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, pastrami… simple things that do not require cooking and are going to be part of my “lazy cook meals”.

How about you? Have you ever tried to prep your meals in advance? Did it work? You still do that or was it just one shot?

Ideally I’d love to do that every week, or every other week. I’ll see if I can stick to it!

Meal prep 2





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