Slow roasted Gressingham duck leg @ Bill’s

Slow roasted duck leg

On Monday me and Tom had one of our date nights, and we decided to go to Bill’s in Holborn to have dinner. We like It, we’ve been there a few times and we are always up for a come back once in a while. There is a cosy atmosphere, nice music, it’s not so loud (especially at the beginning of the week when it’s less crowded) and they serve a very nice fruity cider – my regular choice from now on.

Initially I was planning of having their delicious fish pie, but as I sat down and had a look at the menu, something else caught my eye.

I must admit I’m a massive fan of duck. Even thinking about its tender and succulent meat livens up my tastebuds. And whenever it’s available, i really can’t say no.

And obviously I didn’t say no also this time. Slow roasted Gressingham duck leg served with a watercress, pea, broad bean, red cabbage and basil salad with lemon dressing, to contrast its juiciness with a bit of an acidic crunch, feta and spring onion potato croquettes and a dollop of wasabi mayonnaise. I can honestly say I was absolutely delighted by it.

Perfect size, perfect cooking, crispy surface and inner tenderness. A-Ma-zing!

If it’ll ever happen that you are in a Bill’s restaurant (there are several across the UK, check their website here) I invite you to try this dish. It’s definitely worth it.

Slow roasted duck leg 2




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