August Highlights

August Highlights

Another month is over… Geez time flies! Anyway, August has been a busy month trying to get the blog back on track after the absence of June and the laziness of July… So here’s a recap of what was cooking and hasn’t been included in the blog.

Scotch Ness Burger. My friend Claude read on an issue of TimeOut magazine that the Strongroom Bar & Kitchen in Shoreditch was hosting an initiative by Say Yeah Burger about scotch egg burgers. At first I thought it was a normal burger with scotch eggs inside. Imagine my surprise when I found out the scotch egg was actually THE BURGER BUN!! There were four options available, and I went for the classic one (the Scotch Ness Burger, indeed) which comprised an aged beef pattie, pickled onions, cheddar, smoked Yeah! sauce, pepper and a sage scotch egg. Lovely, scrumptious and luscious. It was a challenge to digest, but worth giving it a try!

Scotch Ness Burger

Vapiano. Mid month I met with friends for a couple of drinks and dinner in town. Out of the several options for eating in Soho, we chose Vapiano, a chain of Italian “fast food” restaurants. I call it like this because it’s not like the usual restaurant where you sit down and you get served. You pick a table, get your card and then go chose yourself what you want to eat. But everything is made fresh at the moment. I’ve been there already last winter with other friends of mine and I had pizza (not bad at all), but this time I chose to have one of my favourite pasta dishes ever: carbonara. And this one was really good as well. Only teeny-tiny flaw, onions are not included in the original Italian recipe, but overall it was a very satisfying dish.


New blogging tools. As you’ve probably noticed my way of posting has slightly changed (hopefully for the best!). There are anticipations, different images on Instagram (like the two I added in this post), and hopefully in the near future some more food-related tweets. Following The Daily Post blog on WordPress, I often get hints on tools to improve the blogging experience, both for the author and the reader. One of this hints was related to posting images, suggesting two tools: Canva and Pablo by Buffer. Canva is a very versatile website that allows to prepare loads of different images, headers, logos, infographics etc. Pablo by Buffer is more focused on picture tweets and posts, based on the fact that tweets/updates with images capture the attention more than simple plain text. And actually, it works.

The “father” of Pablo is – as the name suggests – Buffer, a website that provides the opportunity to schedule tweets and updates in advance, so you don’t have to worry about being constantly on social networks. I subscribed to their newsletter, and even to a social media strategy mini course via email. Some hints are definitely very helpful.

For Instagram, a few months ago my beloved friend and blogger KiaGrace suggested me to try Studio, a social network/picture editing app that has loads of options, and it also gives you the chance to “remix” the pics based on posts from other users. Genius! I like it a lot, although for the fine editing of the images I had to buy a touchscreen stylus, because with the fingers it might be quite tricky, despite the big size of the screen of my iPhone 6 Plus!

Blogging tools

I guess that’s it for this month! Oh, before I leave you be… Have you watched the latest Aperol Spritz ad? It randomly appeared while I was on YouTube the other day, I was about to skip it after 5 seconds – as I always do – but then I said hang on a minute… this is brilliant!





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