The past month an a half was absolutely hectic. The main thing going on was the flat hunting I’ve been doing with Tom, first we found an apartment we really liked, but there wasn’t a clear moving date, so we waited for a while, then decided so see other options. Eventually, we got a very nice flat in Stratford, and the moving date will be December 21st. The kitchen will be bigger than the one of my current place, and I’m sure there will be lots of cooking going on!

New kitchen! Yaaaaaaass! 😀

As a consequence of finding the flat, a substantial amount of money has left my bank account between rent in advance, deposit and agency fees… It’s no surprise then that I haven’t been doing proper grocery shopping in quite a long time, resulting in lack of recipes to describe on here.

All this led me to rethink the way I should work on the blog. Up until now, I only wrote about recipes I cooked – apart from the odd post about dining out – hence the lack of posts when I didn’t have time to stay in the kitchen as much as I wanted/had to.

An interesting food blog though, shouldn’t be just this. It should be the main part of course, otherwise it’ll become more like a magazine, but there should be space also for other food-related topics, giving some sort of break from the pressure of “Dang! I have to cook something otherwise I won’t have anything to write about!” kinda feeling (and trust me, I’ve experienced this quite often lately).

Since I follow many food websites, YouTube channels, blogs, Facebook pages, why not posting about the recipe/video/post that caught my eye from time to time? If you follow my Facebook page, you have probably seen that I reblog articles and videos from other pages, generally adding a little comment like “OOOOOOH” or “Yummy!“, mostly because I do that on the go. I think I should consider those reblogs as starting points to express my opinions about the topic they’re addressing, or discussing how I would change the recipe, if there are other similar options that I’ve already cooked, or simply share what I like with my audience when I don’t have my own stuff to show.

I guess to end this post I owe you an apology, and a promise to try to be more consistent with my posting.

Roll on December!



4 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Totally get what you mean, hectic home life has meant not much cooking for me (and even less time to blog) – can’t wait until the New Year when I should have more time again! Look forward to reading whatever you write next.

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    1. Thank you for your support! You should know so far how much I enjoy cooking (and let’s be honest, even showing what I cook) and these weeks have been an absolute pain on this side! It feels like I lost the connection with the blog, but I’ll do my best to take it back to what it used to be 🙂

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