Tesco Ingredients

On Friday I went to my friends E. and M. for our Christmas dinner. As usual, we divided the tasks amongst all of us, and I’ve been given to cook the primo. In English should be called main course, but since in Italy we DON’T have everything together on one plate, I’d like to introduce you to our official terminology.

But I’m going off topic. The primo I chose to prepare was Fresh Tagliatelle with creamy Porcini Mushroom and Pancetta sauce (recipe will follow, stay tuned!). Fresh porcini mushrooms are not so easy to find in supermarkets, and generally they’re quite a hassle to clean anyway. This is not an excuse to not use this delicacy, with its earthy flavour that is superb for winter-inspired recipes. The solution is dried mushrooms.

While I was wandering around the store aisles looking for them, I made this incredible discovery, as you can guess from the post title. It’s the Tesco Ingredients range. I was literally stunned by the variety of things it includes! A comprehensive asset of items for Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese and Korean cuisines, just to name some!

I couldn’t fit all the products available in one pic!

I had a look on the Tesco RealFood website and apparently they relaunched the Ingredient range that was previously available… well in any case I’m sure I’ll be going through those shelves several times for something interesting (or required!) for my future recipes!

What about you? Do you have a favourite range of cooking ingredients from your local retailer?




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