The reason we cook

No recipe this time. Things are getting a little more personal.

The other day I was watching the finale of MasterChef USA (don’t ask me which season, found it randomly on W flicking through the channels) and the finalists were given a mockup of the cookbook they were going to get if they became the winner.

One of them was asked who she wanted to dedicate it to. She replied like this:

I want to dedicate it to my mum. She passed away when I was 14, and she didn’t have the time to leave me any recipes. Since then, I tried to replicate her dishes, so yes, I want to dedicate it to her.

And I burst into tears. I don’t really think about it that often, but I kinda do the same. I don’t have any recipes written, there were no proper cooking lessons. As I said in the opening post of Come dine with Teo, Most of the dishes I cook, and my way and passion for cooking, come from watching my mum in the kitchen when I was a kid.

I think that’s the way people should cook. With their heart. Because no gourmet-nouvelle cuisine-type food can beat a dish made with the heart.

And that’s the way I cook.




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