Pinterest: Salmon, spinach and cream cheese tarts

This is an impressively looking starter. Pinned on one of my boards ages ago, I went back to it to have a look at the recipe linked to it. It looks pretty straightforward in any case, but even the simplest dishes generally hide a secret ingredient that makes them outstanding.

Imagine my utter disappointment, when I found out that the picture was linked to a page of the Channel 4 website, and the link underneath lead to an empty Yummly page.

That’s the problem with Pinterest, unfortunately. Pins should always be checked to see if they are linked with the original content. Often, it also happens that appealing images are linked to unrelated pages, which is a shame.

But there was no room for despair. Googling (or googleing? how do you spell it?) the name of the recipe and there you go, the original was posted on Delicious Magazine (and you can find it here).

And now that the recipe is in my hands, I’m definitely going to prepare them very, very soon!



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