My thoughts on Buddha bowls

Buddha bowls are literally “the thing” right now. They are a good option to eat healthy but with lots of flavour and texture. And, they are also amazing for Instagram (if properly plated)!


Yes my fellow readers, Buddha bowls definitely got to the top of the list on my Pinterest feed. Even on Instagram, try to search posts with the #buddhabowl hashtag. There are millions of options! It’s all about food porn lately, isn’t it? No wonder that so many people are sharing their meals on social media!


Buddha bowls at a glance

Basically you have a complete meal that should provide all you need to feel satisfied and nourished. I think they are ideal as work lunches, you can pack everything in a leakproof tub, keeping the dressing in a separate jar to pour it over just before eating.

To be completely honest, I think I already tried something similar before. Remember the Crabstick quinoa salad posted a while ago? Well, think about plating all the ingredients separately in a bowl, and call it Crabstick quinoa Buddha bowl. Boom.

The “project”

After weeks of laziness and takeaways for lunch, I felt it was a good moment to challenge myself to get back into home made lunches. The drive also came from the fact that I was spending lots of money for food, leaving the weekly grocery shopping to expire in the fridge. A waste in so many ways!

Nothing special was bought for this week. The usual list of items plus just one addition. There were still quinoa and rice in the pantry, so Pearl barley was chosen as a third option for the grains base. If one downside can be found about about it, is the cooking time. 40 minutes is not always the most convenient amount, but it can be boiled once to prepare two portions (and save one for later).

Buddha bowls “Teo style”

Barley, borlotti beans, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with sunflower seeds and honey mustard dressing


It was tasty I have to say. But. As you can see from the picture, I didn’t bother plating it, so it ended up being mixed in the tub and it looked more like a salad.  Definitely worth having it again served properly though. And with an addition of crumbled feta cheese. Yes, that would be perfect.

Quinoa, prawns, avocado and sweet potatoes with lemon and chives dressing


Now this was good! Plated in pure Buddha bowl style, initially there was a question mark on the sweet potatoes really, I thought they would clash with the rest of the ingredients, but the ensemble actually worked really well! Thumbs up for this! Five Michelin stars!

Rice, smoked salmon, edamame and Brussels sprouts with miso ginger dressing


This was another hm. I don’t know if it was the rice that was totally tasteless (I just boiled it without any seasoning whatsoever), or if the seasoning wasn’t appropriate. I selected miso ginger dressing because it seemed the right choice for these Japan-inspired ingredients. It could’ve worked perfectly if instead of brown miso I would’ve used white miso. Its earthy strong flavour clashed with everything else. So yeah, this needs to be tried again with a different dressing.

Final thoughts

Buddha bowls are actually a nice choice for a healthy meal, if the ingredients are combined well.

I am absolutely aware that I didn’t respect the rule to assemble them. There were additions that shouldn’t be included, but it’s good to have a base and then adapt it to your taste.

Plating makes a massive difference. As “bowls” they should be properly plated… in bowls. Otherwise the magic is kinda lost, no matter how tasty and well combined the ingredients are.

Try if before if the ingredients and the dressing work well together. At least it help prevent disappointments at lunchtime!

Overall, it’s a big yeah for me. Have you guys ever tried Buddha bowls? What are your favourite combinations?

Let me know in the comments below!



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